This Sea Town Was My World.

The cottage is set in the heart of Laugharne – “a town that meets the fishingboat bobbing sea” which Dylan Thomas considered home, and where he spent the last four years of his life.

Arguably the greatest Welsh playwright and poet of the 20th Century, Dylan lived at several properties during his time in Laugharne. These included Sea View (now a restaurant and 10 yards from Castle Cottage) and of course the property for which he is most associated with, The Boathouse – “My seashaken house on a breakneck of rocks.”

The Boathouse is now a museum dedicated to Dylan who lived between 1914 and 1953. He is buried in the churchyard at Laugharne along with his wife, Caitlin. He had three children: Llewelyn, Aeronwy and Colm.

Most renowned probably for his play "Under Milk Wood" which is reputed to be based on Laugharne and was written in his writing shed (a converted garage) with lovely views of the “heron-priested shores” of the Taf estuary.